More Features. More Power.

What Reemo can do for you.

Low Latency Desktop Streaming from anywhere

Access your computers inside a browser from anywhere. Thanks to our custom network and encoding engine, we handle packet loss and congestion control to give you the lowest possible latency and a near real-time experience. Learn More about Our Technology

Desktop Streaming for Windows, Linux AND MacOS

We bring our Desktop Streaming Technology not only for Windows hosts but for Linux and MacOS as well! Throw away VNC and get access to the full power of your Desktop Remotely.

Multiple Monitors

You have two or three monitors you say? Not a problem, we handle as many monitors as you want, as long as your hardware and bandwidth can handle it! See our bandwidth requirements

Tablet Support for Artists

Thanks to our low latency technology, Reemo handles pen pressure and tablets for Artists who needs to draw and create remotely as if they were in front of their computers. (Windows / MacOS Only)

Microphone and Webcam

What if you need to use your local microphone or webcam? Reemo can forward these devices to use your favorite communication tools without hassle. (Windows Only / Alpha Support / Contact Us)

Reemo Studio for Teams

Connect your company computers to Reemo Studio and give access to your team members. You can share multiple computers and manage your network and company from your browser. Learn More about Reemo Studio

Reemo API integration

Provide Low Latency Desktop Streaming to your users and customers inside your webapp or website with the Reemo API and WebClient. Learn More about Reemo API