Our Technology

High Performance. Low Latency. 60 FPS.

Hardware Capturing & Encoding

Reemo engine can capture your desktop in real-time and encode it in UHD 60 FPS to a video stream in just a few milliseconds. Fully compatible with all existing hardware from Nvidia, AMD and Intel, Reemo falls back to super-fast software encodingwhen no hardware is present to don't let anyone behind.

Real-Time Network Engine

To handle the challenge of real-time streaming, we built a custom WebRTC stack working closely with our capture engine. Thanks to our custom congestion control and dynamic bitrate algorithm, we provide a low latency desktop streaming experience to all our users.

Virtual Drivers

To forward specific devices like webcams or microphones, we built Windows Virtual Drivers to allow using them as if they were directly plugged to the target computer. Use them in your favorite communication tools like Discord, Teams etc...