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Reemo is the smoothest and the most responsive way to instant access a computer & cloud workspace from anywhere

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Reemo is really on bringing Agility, Transparency et Security to people & organization by giving them low latency access to the power of their Computer, a Cloud PC or a  Virtual Browser to play games, create 3D projects, secure their browsing activity and work from anywhere, on any device. Via streaming from a chrome browser.


Instant access to information offered by the Web has become standard. With Reemo we want to offer the same experience (and bring it into a browser) when it comes to creating, playing, working, surfing the internet or drawing on all types of applications, even the most graphic ones, from anywhere, on any device on a remote mode.

To do this, we have developed a high performance, low latency interactive desktop streaming technology that is able to display the remote screen directly in a web browser at 60 FPS. This is the heart of our products.

Reemo, a French startup involve in the Remotetech market, was co-founded  by brothers Yann & Gwenael Fourre (cybersecurity & streaming software development experts) and Alexandre Henneuse (serial entrepreneur on Saas tools)

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