Reemo 3D

The playground of creativity

Start creating instantly and work on high graphical softwares you need to make the magic happen.

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Available in France only for now

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Bring AAA software,

to a tab of your Browser

Your PC Pro is now in the cloud wrapped up with ready to use licensed creative software of your choice.

How it works

1) Create an account

2) Select software you want to work with. It's packaged with the right computing ressources located in our partner datacenter

3) Select the OS you want (Windows or Linux)

4) Subscribe & Work ON

Price from 150€/month

Unleash creativity

No more expensive hardware. Reemo 3D is your PC pro. Accessible from any screen you own.

The easiest way to connect

From a tab open in a browser, your PC pro & software will be waiting for you to be played.

Subscription included

📩 No download

🔖 No patch

📡 No update

💿 No install

Your PC Pro is now in the cloud wrapped up with ready to use software of your choice.

A PC with(out) GPU

in the cloud

Licensed Software

ready to use

Monthly period

no engagement

Instant streaming

on a Chrome browser

The first all-in-one software platform optimized for creating

Get the fluidity and performances of a powerful virtual workstation packaged with all your licensed creative software

Compose your digital Environment

Software are available with a licence and they come with computing ressources from our partner datacenters. Graphic intensive software needs more power to get the most out of them. We made that simple to you. The only thing you have to do is to choose the software you need. There are software for everyone and the list is growing.

We will be handing that extraordinary power of the data center over to you

For every software, we defined the right ressources to allocate from our partner datacenter to make the most out of it. We made those details available for you to know. For now, our first partner is EXAION by EDF - France.

Save Disk Space by Streaming

Plug in a keyboard, mouse, drawing tablet, multiple monitors or gamepad, and continue to do amazing things remotely with a total control and input accuracy. They are all streamed to your device.

Create, polish, develop your projects anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, without installation, download or update.

Request Early Access

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When can I expect to get my early access invitation?

Early access invitations will be granted on a rolling basis.

What internet speed do I need for Reemo 3D ?

Users on Reemo 3D can expect to consume approximately 10GB/hr when streaming their Cloud workstation at 1080p. However, customers are able to stream at a lower resolution. Check with your internet provider for data caps.

Where is Reemo 3D available ?

Reemo 3D is supported across France, Belgium, Suizerland thanks to our partner datacenter located in eastern France. It's just the begining and we will cover all territories with the datacenter partnership that we plan to sign.