Reemo Studio

Reemo for Organizations

Manage your team and company computers inside Reemo Studio.

Invite members and
manage access to your computers

Invite members to your Team easely by e-mail. Assign them to one or multiple computers. As an Owner or Admin, you can connect to any of your Team's computers to administrate them.

Working with part-time users? You may adjust licenses anytime of the month and pay only what you really need.

Access all your software

With a simple setup and a browser, you can access all the tools and software you need. Reemo supports all brands of GPU acceleration to give you a smooth and near real-time experience.

Keep your company running
during a pandemic

Allow your users to work from anywhere. With many of our customers, we realized that the Covid Pandemic did not have a negative impact on their businesses, some of them thrived by beeing the only companies open in their field of work!

With our Low Latency Remote Desktop Streaming Technology, keep working like your users never left the office and remain productive.

Industry Standard Security

Keep your data secure by using Reemo. We use industry standard encryption and peer-to-peer connections to ensure your data stays safe where it is meant to be.

Behind a corporate firewall? Contact Us to setup a secured relay server you control for you and your Team.