High Performance Remote Streaming

Change the way you work remotely

Elevate your remote work experience with our high-performance remote streaming protocol. No downloads, no hassle for your users - it works directly in your browser. Redefine remote work and boost productivity effortlessly. Collaborate seamlessly and embrace the future of remote efficiency today!

High Performance Desktop Streaming

Reemo Desktop

Gain secure and instant access to your desktop from anywhere with Reemo Desktop. Experience smooth remote desktop capabilities that keep you connected to your work environment, no matter where you are. Take control of your work with ease.

Low Latency Container Streaming

Reemo Containers

Unlock the power of container streaming with Reemo Containers. Seamlessly deploy and manage containerized applications, ensuring efficient, scalable, and consistent performance across your remote teams.

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3D & Animation

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D modeling and animation with Reemo Desktop. Our browser-based solution offers low latency and multi-monitor support, ensuring uninterrupted creative flow. You'll also love the vivid 4K visuals, 60 FPS performance, and drawing tablet support, all contributing to precision and artistic brilliance.

Media & VFX

Elevate your media and visual effects (VFX) projects with Reemo Desktop. Enjoy the convenience of a browser-based interface that provides low-latency access to your work. Whether you're editing video, creating stunning visual effects, or enhancing media content, Reemo Desktop offers the speed and quality you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Architecture & Engineering

In the world of architecture and engineering, precision is key. Reemo Desktop, accessible inside your browser, is equipped with multi-user support for professionals to experience seamless collaboration. These features, along with robust security, ensure that your projects maintain the highest level of detail and protection for your clients.

Game Development

Game developers, Reemo Desktop is your secret weapon for creating immersive gaming experiences. The platform's low-latency performance make it an ideal choice for game development and testing. Collaborate with your team, code, design, and test your games without compromising on quality or speed. Unleash your creative potential with Reemo Desktop.

Remote Browser Isolation

Reemo Containers offer an ideal solution for remote browser isolation. Safeguard your critical systems and data by running web browsers within secure containers. This approach prevents web-based threats from compromising your organization's network and data, enhancing security and protecting your critical assets.


Create a robust bastion solution within Reemo Containers. Use it as a fortified gateway to get remote access to critical infrastructure while maintaining the highest level of security. With Reemo Containers, you can confidently manage remote connections, fortify your network, and safeguard your organization's assets.

A worldwide user community

The Reemo community consist of designer, gamers, 3D artists, architects, developers and many more amazing humans.
Travailler avec Reemo, j'en suis vraiment ravie. Même sans la fibre, cela reste fluide et surtout, non pixélisé. En tant que graphiste c'étais un point crucial. Cela va grandement faciliter le travail à distance.
Damien Brisson - 3D Artist / Game Art Teacher
Un bénéfice de Reemo.io? Je dirais la simplicité, rapidité, fluidité, mise à jour en background rapide et simple, le fait que ce soit un service et pas un soft à installer! Ça fait plus d'un seul bénéfice mais le produit est vraiment bien!
Laurent Dijoux - Entreprise IT Architect - Ranch Computing
Thanks to Reemo, I can access all my computers remotely without any trouble. Not forgetting to mention that it has made the management of my render farm frictionless. Love it!
Swann Kaulanjan - Operations & Quality Technician - Histovery
Our whole goal was to have the lowest latency possible and so far your software is providing that very well!
Micah Gray - Operations Specialtist - Aerial Canvas - California - USA
The best remote desktop solution I've tried so far. Using Reemo.io for CAD
Victor Caronho - Mecalbi - Portugal
6ms :). nice!
Simon Yapp - Glyndebourne - UK