About Us

Hi, we’re Reemo.

With Reemo, change the way you access hardware, creative software, content and tools. From anywhere via streaming.
From a cybersecurity background, we used to work on different security solutions using Remote Desktop Tools to access and process data on secure locations. Tired of latency, bandwidth consumption and general bad performances, we decided to roll our own protocol and release it to the public in 2020, as Reemo.
This technological challenge has been the source of our ambition and its exploitation coupled with innovative features, the way to make this technology accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

Everything around us go through their own evolution

Think about music, movies & TV, games, they’ve became instantly enjoyable with effortless access via streaming.


If you’re thinking instant access to a graphic intensive, latency sensitive environment, there are a lot of barriers for users to have such a great & smooth (remote) user experience.

Powerful computing ressources are mandatory and those are not accessible instantly

Performances & latency, the most important factors directly related to user experience and adoption

Security is a big concern as we are talking about personal data, entreprise network and sensitive projects

At Reemo, we want to change this

Reemo wants to bring to people & organizations unmatched control, flexibility, security and scale for remote access high peformance, graphic intensive and latency sensitive environments

Crafting Remote Solutions since 2014

Reemo’s parent company, Hubitech was established in 2014. This is a French company and the result of cybersecurity experts bringing together their skills in a single structure. It was created to respond to the challenge of protecting information.