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Frequently Asked Questions

What Internet Speed is Required to use Reemo ?

Reemo runs best on a 10 Mbps connection but you can reemote on speeds as low as 2 Mbps.

The maximum used bandwidth can be changed on the fly during a remote session:

Low - 2Mbps
Medium - 7Mbps (default)
High - 20Mbps
Ultra - 40Mbps

How Many Monitors does Reemo support ?

As many as your bandwidth and hardware can support :)

How do i use a gamepad/controller with Reemo on Windows ?

Reemo requires the installation of the Windows ViGEm driver ( on your remote computer. Reemo or higher is required in order to ensure compatibility with the Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus driver.
After the driver is installed, start a new Reemo session, push a button or two on your controller, it should appear on your remote Computer. You can test that everything is working by visiting

Why is my Screen Black ?

Reemo requires at least one monitor to be plugged in to capture your desktop. If you do not wish to have monitors or want to add more monitors to your Reemo enabled computer, you can buy some cheap HMDI or Display Port dongles that mimicks a monitor and plug them to your GPU.

What Ports does Reemo Use ?

For signalling, Reemo establishes a TCP connection on port 443 on one of our signal servers.
To establish a connection, Reemo service on your target computer uses a random UDP port ranging from 58200 to 58400.
To establish a connection, your browser might use any UDP port.

Why do my FPS go over 60 FPS ?

If you are behind a corporate firewall or your router does not allow UDP packets, you might be using our relay server (TURN) over TCP. Because TCP has its on congestion control, it might burst packets and performances might drop using Reemo. We recommend that you use Reemo over UDP to get the best performances during your remote sessions.

Why my image quality is bad even when using high and ultra quality?

This may be cause by an old GPU driver not handling the dynamic bitrate adjustments by Reemo. Please ensure that your hardware drivers are up to date. If your driver is up to date, please ensure that your internet speed can handle this quality settings, Reemo congestion control algorithm might lower your bitrate in case of severe packet loss.

I duplicated my virtual machine but only one show up on my computers.

If you use virtual machines and duplicate their harddrives, be sure to remove the "_id" file from the Reemo folder to avoid conflicts between your computers and restart the Reemo service. The "_id" file must be unique in order for your computers to register correctly.