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Getting Started

What is Reemo ?

Reemo is a remote desktop service by Hubitech S.A.R.L.
We provide low latency desktop streaming technology to Windows and Linux computers.

How Do I Get Started with Reemo ?

To get started with Reemo, follow these steps:

1. Register your Account on the Reemo Portal.
2. Download and install the Reemo Service on the computer you wish to connect to.
3. Configure the Reemo Service upon installation with the Private Key provided to you after creating your Account.

What Operating Systems Does Reemo Support ?

Reemo supports Windows 10 (64bit home or pro), Debian Based Linux Distributions (64bit and X.Org server only) and Fedora (X.Org server only). If you would like us to support your Linux version, please send us an email.

To use a pen with pressure, Windows must be at least version 18.03.

What Browsers Does Reemo Support ?

Reemo currently only supports Chrome because the Media Source Extensions used by Reemo are finetuned to get the maximum performance out of Chrome.

How Do I Connect My Computer to my Reemo Account ?

Reemo uses a "Private Key" or "Studio Key" to connect your computers to your Account. We ask you to provide this Private Key when launching Reemo.exe for the first time on Windows and when installing for the first time on Linux. To change or edit this Private Key, you can use the Reemo.exe on Windows or edit the reemo.ini file directly.

Do I Need to Setup my Router to use Reemo ?

We use a signal server to discover the best route between you and your computers. Most users do not need to configure their router. Reemo uses UDP and peer-to-peer technology to get the best performance possible.

If you are behind a corporate firewall, Reemo provides a public relay server (TURN) and uses TCP instead of UDP. Performances might be reduced and Latency increased when using our relay server. If you wish to allow UDP to get the most out of Reemo you must ensure your corporate firewall or router allows UDP packets.

For signalling, Reemo establishes a TCP connection on port 443 on one of our signal servers.
To establish a connection, Reemo service on your target computer uses a random UDP port ranging from 58200 to 58400.
To establish a connection, your browser might use any UDP port.